Insurance Law


Insurance law covers matters relevant to insurance policies and claims. At AL BAB Legal Group, our insurance attorneys provide phenomenal insurance legal services as a result of their expansive grasp and command of UAE insurance law developed through decades of practice and perfection.

Insurance companies rely on lawyers to help them understand and implement the country’s insurance laws. In addition, insurance companies also employ lawyers to defend the policyholder if a third party makes a claim against them. Suppose the policyholder is found liable for damages experienced by the third party. In that case, the insurance company will cover the cost, as stated in the insurance policy.

The policyholder may also employ lawyers in the case of bad faith insurance practices from the insurance company’s side. Bad faith practices include:


In the UAE, the Insurance Authority (IA) has established the Federal Law No. 6 of 2007 on the Establishment of the Insurance Authority & Organization of its Operations. This law governs all licensed insurance companies in the UAE. Insurance companies are also instructed to operate according to the IA’s Authority Board Resolution No. 3 of 2010, a Code of Conduct for insurance companies in the UAE, regulating both standard and shariah insurance systems.

Before seeking legal action, the law recommends settling any disputes amicably or through the Emirates Insurance Association (EIA).


Insurance Lawyers in Dubai


At AL BAB Legal Group, our clients benefit from the vast experience of our lawyers across the UAE. Our amicable, skilled attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of insurance law, and are dedicated to providing the best legal advice in Dubai and beyond. Our lawyers will work alongside insurance companies to decide whether or not they are liable for damages for claims made by the policyholders. Evidence will be collected from a range of sources in order to build a clear picture of what has happened and advise the insurance company accordingly. We will also negotiate and draft insurance policies and contracts and recommend changes in the wording of the policies to conform with the law or protect insurance companies against invalid claims. We will also investigate damages for late payments or third-party claims.

We can also handle reinsurance disputes (when the insurance company buys insurance to minimize the loss).

In the case of the insured parties, we work on behalf of the policyholder in an insurance claim dispute.

What Makes Us the Right Choice?

Our talented lawyers possess a real investigative nature that aids in piecing together the events and understanding what occurred in the claims. Furthermore, our strong communication skills and adaptability are vital in dealing with people from all backgrounds and professions.

We have a natural edge when dealing with complex and sensitive situations while remaining just and reasonable. In addition to all this, our in-depth understanding of contract law will surely help you draft insurance policies and contracts and discover any breaches in the contract. Moreover, our finance and financial risk knowledge come in handy when handling commercial insurance cases.

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