Fintech Law


Fintech, in its conventional meaning, refers to financial technology; as such, any legal matters in this industry are under the governance and jurisdiction of UAE fintech law. Some relevant examples would be the correct storage and protection of customer data, advertising specific products, or the processes involved in preventing fraud.

In recent years, the significance of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed, and it is now considered a significant factor in much of fintech law. The UAE has long since established the Court of The Blockchain to assist with fintech matters.


Fintech Lawyers


At Al BAB Legal Group, our clients benefit from the vast experience of our lawyers across the UAE. Our amicable, skilled attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of fintech law. They are dedicated to providing the best legal advice in Dubai and beyond. As such, we are well-suited to providing legal assistance to local clients with international fintech disputes and overseas clients in general

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