Criminal Lawyers In Dubai

Criminal Law is the field relevant to illegal activity, with a stronger emphasis on punitive and rehabilitative verdicts instead of solely compensatory resolutions. In the UAE and Dubai, Criminal Law is part of the federal system based on Islamic Sharia law. In severe cases, the physical or death penalty may be used as a deterrent against criminal behaviour. To determine criminal charges, one must prove actus reus (guilty act) and men’s rea (guilty mind); to prosecute a criminal charge, there must be evidence of both criminal action and criminal intent.


Best Criminal Lawyers In UAE


As one of the best legal practices in Dubai and the UAE, we have a proven track record of successful criminal cases with great expertise and knowledge of Islamic Sharia Law and UAE federal law. We operate in a highly confidential and professional manner, working closely with clients to ensure fair representation. Our multi-lingual team has extensive experience in international legal systems; we are well-equipped to take on cases involving foreign nationals alongside our work with UAE citizens and residents.

Whether in Dubai or the wider UAE, our law firm provides a full range of criminal law representation services. This includes reliable advice from the first instances of police investigation to prosecution and up to court appearances and appeals. Our fully licensed criminal defense lawyers are experienced in all areas, including:


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