Tawjeeh And Tasheel Services


We in turn in AL BAB BUSINESS SET UP SERVICES are aiming at raising the awareness regarding the importance of protecting the rights and interests of employers and employees, introducing them to raise awareness among of them about their albor rights and obligations toward the work.


E-signature / PRO Card Activation

Original Emirates ID of the Owner or PRO, Printed Smart E-signature Card, Presence of the Owner for the fingerprints, Presence of the PRO for the fingerprints

Typing Temporary Pre Approval for Work Permit Application

E-signature Card, Passport copy, Visa copy, Personal photo, Transaction Number0 (MB)

Submit Temporary / Probational Pre Approval For Work Permit

E-signature Card, Passport copy, Visa copy, Personal photo, Transaction Number0 (MB)

New Electronic work permit & Mission Electronic Work Permit

Passport Copy, Labor Card Number, Employment visa stamped with entry date or changed status with approval date, Photo of applicant, E-Signature card

Typing a new job offer letter

Passport copy of applicant, E-signature card, Name of applicant in Arabic and English

Renew Electronic Work Permit

Old visa of the Applicant, Photo of the Applicant, E-signature Card

Replace Old E-Sign Card with New

Old E-signature Card, Original Emirates ID

New Smart E-Signature Card

Original Emirates ID of Owner, Person Number

Withdraw Abscond Application

Lab Card Number, Visa Copy (Residency)

Electronic Work permit/Pre Approval for work permit fines

No Requirements Needed

Printing of Smart E-signature Card

Transaction Number (MB)

Receiving Transaction for withdraw abscond

Lab Card number, Visa Copy (Residency)

Labour Case Cancellation

Company code, Lab Card number, Passport copy, Visa copy

Receiving legal compliant from both sides

Emirates ID, Passport copy, Visa Copy (Residency), Labour contract

Submit New Electronic work Permit & Mission Electronic Work Application

Attend the Lecture, The final labor contract signed/finger stamped, Employment Visa

Submit renew labor card application

The final labour contract signed or stamped * Price varies according to company category and degree Low skilled Worker Skilled worker, A- 1063 - 753 AED, B- 1413 - 1253 AED, C- 1813 - 1753 AED, D- 2363 - 2253 AED
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