RTA Permit and Approval


To carry out certain activities in the transportation sector in Dubai, including operating a taxi or a bus, you need to obtain a permit or approval from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Here are some of the requirements for obtaining an RTA permit or approval:

1. Application: An application for an RTA permit or approval must be submitted to the RTA.

2. Vehicle Requirements: The vehicles used for transportation must meet the requirements set by the RTA.

3. Driver Requirements: The drivers of the vehicles must have the required qualifications and certifications.

4. Insurance: The vehicles must be insured as per the requirements set by the RTA.

5. Health and Safety Requirements: The vehicles must meet the health and safety requirements set by the RTA.

6. Fees: A fee must be paid to the RTA for the issuance of the permit or approval.

If you need an RTA permit or approval for your transportation business in Dubai, you can visit our office or contact our customer service centre for more information on the approval process and requirements.

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