Labor Law In Dubai


The labour law primarily dictates employee work hours, wages and salaries, vacation days, sick leave, workplace safety standards, and more. All employees are subject to the UAE labour law regardless of their status as citizens or residents.

Furthermore, all commercial industries are subject to labour and employment laws. The UAE’s labour force is exceptionally diverse. As such, the details and specifications of said labour laws are considerate and protective of all employee backgrounds, nationalities, and religious views.


Labor Lawyers In Dubai


Our team of labour attorneys in Dubai has an extensive understanding of and significant experience practising UAE labour law, including advising both foreign and local clients on intricate employment and labour issues.

We at AL BAB LEGAL GROUP also assist many corporations and businesses with their labour concerns by advising them on the various workplace rights of the employees as well as cases of illegal and unfair termination. Some of the areas we have successfully assisted clients in are:

We help small and medium-sized local businesses manage their human resource policies and make sure they follow UAE labour and employment laws.

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