RTA Approval

The RTA was established to keep track and monitor the transportation, roads, and traffic in Dubai in order to develop the nation’s infrastructure.

Business which are connected to activities, like private taxi, auto rentals, sale of autos/business vehicles/bicycles (new/pre-claimed), sale of imported autos/bicycles, auto/bicycle modification workshops, garages and so forth require endorsement/NOC from RTA before they can have permit from DED or some other licensing authority.

DDA (Dubai Development Authority)

Dubai Development Authority or DDA is a Dubai Government organization that has a broad directive on governing development control, municipality, economic, and immigration concerns over selected freezone clusters and other communities by several master developers all over Dubai. DDA focuses on Real estate planning and development control, Regulatory and licensing services governing all strategic projects and industries within its jurisdiction, and Industry development.

There are DDA Dubai approvals and service categories, mainly Registration & Licensing Services and Zoning Services, which can also be accessed through the DDA E-service portal.

Food Control Dept Approval

It is very difficult to start your restaurant as an individual in Dubai. Getting approvals from the Dubai Food Control Department can be very exhausting for setting up a commercial restaurant, café or cafeteria, Dubai Approvals is an approved engineering company that helps you to prepare the layout so that you get the approval from the Food Control Department of Dubai easily

ALBAB Group understands that the approval process for the services in Dubai can be quite a daunting task for new investors and common people, Our team comprises of exceptionally experienced staff that transfers the direct information of the endorsement procedure to the customers and help obtain the approval in the smoothest way.

Dubai Civil Defense Approval

Dubai Civil Defence is an organization established in 1976 for the management of different emergency situations in Dubai. DCD gives approval named Civil Defense Approval for different services .The main motto of the organization is to make Dubai the safest and secure place on Earth with their approval ensuring all safety standards are being followed.

Landscape Approvals

We create inspirational Landscapes and alternative outdoor spaces. Our company has a wide range of experience setting up numerous facilities around the UAE.We work on both large and small spaces. High quality standards guarantee durability and perfectly engineered precision in all pools Custom-tailored services are offered by a well-trained team, consisting of designer’s horticulturist, landscaping technicians and gardeners to suit the varying requirements to bring exceptionally designed and built outdoor areas.

This diversity helps us produce exceptional, customized design solutions for all our clients Environment and sustainability are the key considerations of our designs

Dewa Approval

This company includes all technology innovations from energy generation to smart homes to big data management and how they solve issues and/or create new opportunities in the utility sector. This company also covers billing, customer and supplier metrics, energy usage analysis and production as well. So DEWA is known as a sole provider of electricity, sewerage and water in Dubai .In April 2015, DEWA had established capacity of 9,656 MW of electricity and 470 million gallons of desalinated water per day which has also a plan to increase this
to over 10,000 MW by the year 2018

Trakhees Approval

Trakhees is the regulatory arm of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) in Dubai and the authority responsible for licensing and regulating businesses in special development zones and areas.
The department consists of six main sections:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Licensing
  • Inspection
  • Innovation and Excellence
  • Business Support
  • Research and Development

Dubai Municipality Approval

As per the law of Dubai, Dubai Municipality or DM Dubai corroborates the process of approving the offices to be established in the Dubai region, There are various requirements and documents that need to be submitted before you can get any approval from the Dubai municipality .The first thing that may be put into inspection by the Dubai Municipality is the building in which the office is to be set and the purpose of the office. Albab Groups work hand to hand with Dubai Municipality at times of need for approval for certain business activity.

Nakheel Approval

Buying or leasing property in Dubai was never easy for foreigners.With all kinds of modern infrastructures developed Dubai has become one of the fastest growing business hubs of the world.Setting up a business in Dubai for expansion of the business has become a trend among the investors.Through Nakheel leasing a property for foreigners as well as the residents of the UAE region has become easier and faster process helping obtaining approvals smoothly.

Fit-Out Approvals

We provide a total solution for a commercial fit out & MEPWe work from A-Z obtaining approval from authorities to complete interior decoration of a Shell and core inclusive of services like partitioning, flooring and joinery. An office is the place where one finds the most comfortable and pleasant space of his desire and if it is not well-designed, you can never take the feel of giving yourself the level of happiness and pleasure that you always looked for as well as its where all the magic happens – it needs to be perfect and we make it perfect for you.


EHS, formerly known as the “Free Zone Industrial Operations and Control Department”, was established as a business unit to aid expansions by other units such as Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA).

The main objective of the EHS Trakhees Dubai was to set the industry standards for Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental protection for businesses.

Since its establishment, the EHS has sought to increase compliance, ease of administration, improve communication, forge collaborations and improve client satisfaction. It conducts training programs, provides accreditation and awareness programs to this end.
Our Dubai Approvals Services Team will submit the documents & drawings in Trakhees Portal. The submission drawings should include the previously approved drawings or layout from Trakhees-CED showing the existing approved works.
Also the proposed drawings should highlight modifications & applicable changes with clouding along with drawing number & correct revision number, etc in PDF format
When the review process is completed, the Modification Permit with approved drawings shall be collected after paying the remaining CED & EHS fees, refundable deposit.

Building Development and Building Management Approvals

development to take place. Approval is issued by the local government authority – with or without conditions or not approved. (Note: Development Approval can also be referred to as development permit or decision notice). Building Approval (BA) – refers to how a building will be constructed.

Shell and Cores

As part of our services we provide complete installations of civil work to upbring your commercial space for standard occupancy. Providing detailed and timely finish of projects, it typically comprises design and construction of a proposed area making the same accessible.


We offer ministrations for the perfect transformations of your space. Assuring budgeted and timely completion, we are equipped with the best possible team to meet your requirements from improvement works for any damaged, broken or outdated commercial or residential structure.

Interior Designing

An art and science of achieving an aesthetically appealing environment for your scope of area. With a team perfectly aligned to provide researched and developed plans, we generate customised and unique contemporary and modern designs with timely delivery of the same.

MEP drawings

With a highly qualified team, we provide high quality drafting services. MEP being the most crucial engineering services, our drafting team generates drawings according to your requirements from simple to complex. The drafting created is always ensured to be approved by our quality engineers before proceeding for submission.

3D Visualization and Walk through

Creating high quality 3D results from our top notch experienced team, this service of Al Bab gives life to your projects. We transform your technical requirements to a living experience with a virtual walkthrough presentation of the construction or development before the actual execution of your dream project.
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